Dr. Mayer – Therapists

Gregory L. Mayer, Ph.D.

Dr. Mayer has received formal training and has extensive experience in the areas of counseling and psychotherapy, clinical psychology and clinical neuropsychology. He is well-prepared to help you with issues that have to do with life stresses, work challenges, or marital issues. He sees individuals who are experiencing anxiety and depression. He frequently receives referrals for neuropsychological consultation and evaluation to assess and treat ADHD, learning disabilities, stroke, traumatic brain injury and dementia, among other conditions. He is often asked to consult and assist in the treatment of behavioral health issues, such as pain management. He also provides pre-surgical evaluations required for elective bariatric surgery. His practice is limited to people who are 18 or older.

Dr. Mayer considers the counseling and treatment process to be a cooperative and collegial venture – an endeavor among equals. Treatment is often experienced as a positive process of growth, a process of strengthening one’s capacity for an emotionally and spiritually zestful and joyful life, rather than an attempt merely to alleviate painful symptoms. With this in mind, the treatment experience will focus on the positive and will involve tapping into already established areas of strength while working to make changes in long-standing beliefs, mental filters or unsuccessful behaviors that may be fueling emotional distress, triggering problem behaviors or interfering with life satisfaction.

Dr. Mayer is a licensed psychologist with training in counseling and clinical psychology and in clinical neuropsychology. He holds the Diplomate from the American Board of Disability Analysts and from the American Board of Professional Disability Consultants.